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3 Initial Configuration

The basic system is now installed. After the reboot you must answer a few questions so that the installer can proceed with the initial system configuration.

First, specify a password for the SME Server administrator (username: admin). This will also be the root password:

Confirm that password:

It's possible that the system thinks that your password is too weak. If you want to proceed with that password, hit No:

Enter the domain name for your server, e.g.

Then specify the system name (e.g. server1). The system name and the domain name make up the host name ( in this example):

Next set the IP address of your SME Server, e.g.

Specify the subnet mask, e.g.

Next we must select the operation mode. As our SME Server will not act as a gateway and firewall (remember, we have a hardware router), we choose Server-only here:

Afterwards specify the IP address of your gateway (e.g.

Then switch off the DHCP server on the SME Server (we have a DHCP server on our hardware router):

Don't specify any DNS servers:

Hit Yes to activate all your selections:

Your changes are being activated:

Your SME Server is now ready for use!

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By: Falko Timme