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9 User Passwords

You might have wondered that up to now, only admin has access to the SME Server web interface, so if a user wants a changed password, the admin would have to log in and change it. Fortunately, this can be done by the users themselves. All they have to do is go to in a browser:


10 FTP

You might have noticed that FTP access was mentioned when we set up the i-bay. Normally you don't need FTP access, but if you do: To enable FTP access to your i-bays, go to Remote access and activate FTP access. This will make the FTP server start:

Afterwards, open an FTP client such as SmartFTP, WS_FTP, gFTP, etc. and log in to with your username (e.g. joe) and password:

You will get to the user's home directory first:

If you go up two directories, you will be at the ibays level, from where you can change into the sales_share directory:


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By: Anonymous

This is the best article that I have found in clear easy to understand step by step configuration for SME file server. It worked for me the first time although I am using version 7.5.1 Thanks to author I have it up and running to store all of my files and pictures.

Thank You for a great tutorial.

M H Bell 

By: Ariel González

Very useful, very "to-the-point".

Just what I was looking for.