How to integrate ONLYOFFICE with Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a fork of the ownCloud project that offers you the ability to run a cloud storage service that you administer and control yourself. Besides, you can extend its functionality using different apps from the Nextcloud App Store. Recently, this collection was updated with a new app - ONLYOFFICE - that allows users to integrate Nextcloud, like ownCloud, with online document editors from ONLYOFFICE to easily create, edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

1. Software Requirements

You will need:

  • Nextcloud version 11.0.2 or later. To install it, follow the instructions here.
  • ONLYOFFICE Document Server version 4.2 or later.
  • OwnCloud/Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app.

2. Installing ONLYOFFICE Document Server v.4.2

To install the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Document Server, you can use the .deb or .rpm packages, or an official Docker image. The easiest way is to use Docker.

Before you begin the installation, make sure your machine meets the following system requirements:

  • CPU: dual-core 2 GHz or better
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • HDD: at least 2 GB of free space
  • At least 2 GB of swap
  • OS: amd64 Linux distribution with kernel version 3.10 or later
  • Docker: version 1.10 or later

Then run Docker and execute the following command:

sudo docker run -i -t -d -p 80:80 onlyoffice/documentserver

This will install Document Server and all the dependencies it needs.

Run ONLYOFFICE from your browser to check its work.

Document server is running

Please note that ONLYOFFICE Document Server and Nextcloud must be installed on different machines, otherwise integration problems might occur.

3. Enabling ownCloud/Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

Download ownCloud/Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app from GitHub and place it into the /apps directory on your Nextcloud server:

cd apps/ 
git clone onlyoffice

Access Nextcloud, open the page with Not enabled apps and click Enable for the ONLYOFFICE application.

NextCloud apps

4. Configuring ownCloud/Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

Open the Nextcloud Admin settings, go to the ONLYOFFICE section and enter the address of the server with ONLYOFFICE Document Server installed:


Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

If you copy the Document Server URL from the browser, please do not include /welcome/.

5. Getting started with ONLYOFFICE

To edit your document, just select the Open in ONLYOFFICE option from the menu for the corresponding document.

Getting started with ONLYOFFICE

To create a new text document, spreadsheet, or presentation, click the + button at the top of the Nextcloud interface and select an appropriate file type.

Edit documents in ONLYOFFICE

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