How to connect ONLYOFFICE online editors to OwnCloud

OwnCloud offers you the ability to run a cloud storage service that you administer and control yourself. From now on you can edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations stored on your OwnCloud storage using the full-featured online editors from ONLYOFFICE.

This tutorial describes how to connect ONLYOFFICE document editors with an OwnCloud server by using the OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app.

1. Required packages

You will need

  • OwnCloud version 9.0.3 or later.
    To install it, follow the instructions here.
  • ONLYOFFICE Document Server version 3.0 or later.
    This tutorial will help you install it.
  • OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app.
    You can download it from the ownCloud app collection.

2. Enabling OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

Place OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app into the /apps directory on your OwnCloud server:

cd apps/ git clone onlyoffice

Go to OwnCloud, open the page with Not enabled apps and click Enable for the ONLYOFFICE application.

Enable ONLYOFFICE Application

3. Configuring OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app

Go to the OwnCloud Admin panel, open the ONLYOFFICE section and enter the address of the server where the ONLYOFFICE Document Server is installed:

Configuring OwnCloud ONLYOFFICE integration

4. Start editing documents

To edit your document, just select the Open in ONLYOFFICE option from the menu for the corresponding document.

Start editing documents in ONLYOFFICE

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By: peter

I moved from owncloud to nextcloud because of the persisting update problems of owncloud. Does this tutorial also work on Nextcloud?

By: till

The ONLYOFFICE plugin works with ownCloud only at the moment. But ONLYOFFICE is working on a plugin for Nextcloud.

By: Christian COMMARMOND


I had struggling for three days to get it running, mainly because no documentation other than with docker, but I do not use docker...


So I put here my findings (it may not be complete, but I think it may facilitate the job for others...):


I use a two servers configuration, plus one server for Pound (the reverse proxy, load-balancing...) which manage the https to http conversion and the certificates (only one certificate to manage).


I use Oracle EL7, updated to kernel 4.1.12-94 , I had to enable ol7_optional_latest and ol7_addons (maybe not both usefull, but...)

For OnlyOffice, I used:

I disabled selinux, firewalld to ease the thing.

In /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:



For owncloud, I used:

But the installed php was 5.4, so I used (only the php 7.1 part).

In /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

ServerAdmin [email protected]



In /etc/httpd/conf.d/owncloud.conf:

should be unchanged.

Symbolic link to create:

ln -s /etc/httpd/conf.d/owncloud-access.conf.avail /etc/httpd/conf.d/z-owncloud-access.conf


In /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclient-ens18.conf:

Check it has the good server name 

send host-name "owncloud";



Installation of the app for owncloud following advice.

CAUTION: with php 5.4, the app appears as experimental and won't load... 


Then, in the apps parameters:

Document Editing Service address: (here is 8084, the external port, which is natted to 8000 in Pound)

Document Editing Service address for internal requests from the server: (The internal address and port, NO HTTPS, since we use Pound)

Server address for internal requests from the Document Editing Service: (The internal address of owncloud server NO HTTPS, since we use Pound)


I did not put secret password (yet?).



The normal basic parameters for owncloud works.


Two blocks like this one to add (the one for port 8000 and one for 8080):


     Address  # << address of pound server

     Port    8084   # NAT port (internal is 8000)

     Cert    "/etc/pound/certs/"



#   CheckURL   "(^\/|\.html|\.css|\.jpg|favicon\.ico|robots\.txt|\.png)$"

    HeadRemove "X-Forwarded-For"

    AddHeader  "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"

#   MaxRequest 1024

   xHTTP       4  # << important


   Err414 "/var/www/htdocs/error/generic_error_page"

   Err500 "/var/www/htdocs/error/generic_error_page"

   Err501 "/var/www/htdocs/error/generic_error_page"

   Err503 "/var/www/htdocs/error/generic_error_page"


# onlyoffice server


      HeadRequire "Host:**"

#      URL         "^\/\/*"  # No URL, we just filter by port


         Address   # << address of onlyOffice server

         Port     8000




       Port       8888






I had to route the ports 8084 and 8085 to my pound server.

Since I had numerous problems, and no documentation to explain anything (but for experts), I touched a lot of config files, but probably