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8 Add The Windows System notebook As A Backup Client

To make backups of Windows systems using smb, we must share the folder that we want to back up. In this case I want to backup the whole C: drive, so I right-click on it in the Windows Explorer and go to Sharing. As share name I specify C.

Next, on, I add a line for notebook to /etc/backuppc/hosts (I do this as root). In this case I use falko again as the user. If you use a different username than before, make sure you create it on the system and for the BackupPC web interface, as shown in chapter 5.

vi /etc/backuppc/hosts
falko-desktop   0       falko
notebook    0       falko
#localhost   0       backuppc

Then create the file /etc/backuppc/ and add all options that are different from the ones in /etc/backuppc/ In this case we add $Conf{XferMethod} = 'smb';. Our share name is C, so we put $Conf{SmbShareName} = 'C'; into it as well as the username and password for the Windows share:

vi /etc/backuppc/
$Conf{SmbShareName} = 'C';
$Conf{SmbShareUserName} = 'username';
$Conf{SmbSharePasswd} = 'password';
$Conf{XferMethod} = 'smb';

Then restart BackupPC:

/etc/init.d/backuppc restart

Then reload the BackupPC web interface again. You should now find notebook in the list of clients:

You can start the first backup of notebook manually or wait until BackupPC starts it:

That's it already for Windows clients.

Happy backupping! ;-)


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By: Falko Timme