Linux Tutorials on the topic “desktop”

  • What's new in Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) - an overview

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    The Ubuntu 16.10 operating system was released last month. The new version, which is also called Yakkety Yak, came around six months after Canonical - the company behind Ubuntu - released version 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) of the Linux-based operating system. We've already discussed the changes that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS brought along, so in this article we'll be covering a quick overview of Ubuntu 16.10 desktop, essentially focusing on the major new features/changes it brings to the table when compared to version 16.04 LTS.

  • Introduction to Audio Workstation Software Tracktion 5 DAW on Linux

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    Tracktion is one of the most popular digital audio workstations and one of the very few that are available for the Linux platform along with the magnificent Ardour. While Tracktion is distributed under proprietary software licenses, its creators felt that they should give back something to the Linux community as they have used open source tools for the building of their product. That is why the fifth version of the software that was released in 2014 is now available for free for all Linux users.

  • How to install and use note taking/to-do app FromScratch and news reader app NEWSup on Ubuntu 16.04

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    If you are on Linux, and are searching for applications that let you create a to-do list and keep you updated with latest news, you don't have to look any further as in this tutorial we will discuss the installation and usage of applications - FromScratch and Newsup - that are meant for exactly these purposes, respectively.

  • How to take screenshots on Ubuntu 16.04 with ScreenCloud

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    Screenshots come in handy in many situations. For example, while making tutorials, discussing problems, or sharing information. What I mean to say is that it's a very common activity, so much so that there's a dedicated keyboard button to take screenshots. However still, there are many screenshot taking applications available in the market, and their selling point is the list of useful features they offer, including the ability to store captured images on cloud in some cases. If you are looking for such an application, look no further, as in this tutorial we'll be discussing a useful screenshot taking app dubbed ScreenCloud.

  • How to install and use KDEConnect on Ubuntu 16.04LTS

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    In this article, we will discuss one such application - dubbed KDEConnect - that connects your Android or BlackBerry phone to your Linux computer. Suppose you are working on your computer and your phone rings. You pick it up and see that there's a spam SMS. You just ignore it. After some time, the phone rings again. You again pick it up only to see another spam SMS. And this goes on, until you choose not get distracted while you are working.

  • An Introduction to GNOME Boxes (virtualization) on Linux

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    GNOME Boxes is a system virtualization application that is a core part of the GNOME desktop environment. Based on the QEMU machine emulator, it offers a simplified and user-friendly approach to the whole OS virtualization idea. This post is just an introduction to its capabilities and a statement that it finally works in other distributions besides Fedora.

  • How to extend the functionality of your Linux desktop with PlexyDesk

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    It's always good to look for new ways to increase your productivity, be it your personal or professional life. After all, productivity plays a key role in defining how successful you really are. If your work involves computers, you'll probably be aware that there are several tools, scripts, tips, and tricks that people use to be more productive.

  • Skype Workarounds on Linux

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    Skype on Linux is a much debated topic that unfortunately remains largely unchanged. Skype is something that most people just have to use, but the client’s official support for Linux is pathetic to say the least. However, there are some workarounds that can work for Linux users depending on the particular system used and the specific needs.

  • Distraction-free writing on Linux using FocusWriter

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    Regardless of the profession you are in, there are broadly two things that define how productive you are: your knowledge of the subject, and how effectively you carry out your tasks. If your work involves computers and you are into writing, it's worth knowing that there exist several applications that offer distraction-free writing environment. In this article, we will discuss one such application - dubbed FocusWriter - that's available not only for Linux, but for Windows and Mac OS as well.

  • An Introduction to Vivaldi Browser on Linux

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    Vivaldi is a new browser that was initially released only about seven months ago and has gained very high popularity since then. The software is of freeware type with many open-source components, and it was created by former Opera employees who wanted to express their opposition to the direction that Opera browser was heading to.