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15 Google Earth

To install Google Earth, open a terminal and become root:


Then run

cd /home/falko/Desktop
sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin

This will download Google Earth and start the installation. Before the installation starts, you must accept the license agreement, so click on I Agree:

Accept all default settings and click on Begin Install:

After the installation, you can click on Quit or on Start, if you want to start Google Earth now:

To create a Google Earth icon in our desktop menu, run

cp /opt/google-earth/googleearth.desktop /usr/share/applications/
rm -f GoogleEarthLinux.bin

Google Earth can be found under Applications > Internet:


16 Google Picasa

To install Google Picasa, open a terminal and become root:


Then run

cd /home/falko/Desktop
rpm -ivh picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.rpm
rm -f picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.rpm

Afterwards you can find Picasa under Applications > Graphics:

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