ISP Server Setup - OpenSUSE 10 - Page 2

Now I've switched to Expert mode (the Expert tab in the Installation Settings), selected my Keyboard Layout and Accept:

Back on the Installation Settings screen, click on Accept and then on Install:

The hard disk is being formatted:

The package installation starts (Click on the Details tab to see the detailed installation progress):

After the basic package installation the system reboots. Remove the OpenSuSE CD and go sure to boot from the hard disk:

After the package installation, you have to provide a password for root. Then hit the [Tab] key until the Next is highlighted and hit return.

First we disable the default firewall. This is nescessary to prepare the system for the ISPConfig installation. ISPConfig provides its own firewall. If you do not want to install ISPConfig, leave the firewall enabled. To navigate in text-mode use the tab and arrow keys. Enable or disable selections by hitting the return key.

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