The Perfect Setup - Mandriva 2007 Free Edition - Page 2

Now we select the package groups we want to install. Select Internet station, Network Computer (client), Configuration, Console Tools, Development, Web/FTP, Mail, Database, Firewall/Router and Network Computer server, unselect all other package groups, and click on Next:

The package installation starts:

Afterwards, provide a root password:

Create another user (e.g. admin) and click on Accept user:

To not create yet another user, click on Next on the next screen:

Unselect Autologin because we are installing a server, not a desktop (we don't want to install a graphical user interface):

Now the installer presents us a summary of the installation and gives us the possibility to change settings by clicking on the appropriate Configure button. First of all we adjust our keyboard layout (if you don't have a US keyboard...):

Click on More to get a list of all available keyboard layouts, then select the appropriate layout and click on Next:

Next we configure the time zone we're in:

On the next screen select hardware clock set to UTC, Automatic time synchronization (using NTP), and for NTP Server choose All servers:

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