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Step 7

Ok now it's time to copy the demo files for the service over. Just copy over the service folder and replace any files that it asks to replace. Then go back to your ircadmin window and type in:

cd ../services/

Now in the IRC client window type:

/oper zcworld zcworld

That will let you see if there are any errors or not (but the two services should auto connect :)).


/msg nickserv help 

To see if thats displays anything. If so .. it gives you the normal help info then it works.

That's the basic of setting a server and services up and running.

One last step to do: in your ircadmin terminal window type:

crontab -e

** Push the insert key ** - copy !!!

*/3 * * * * /home/ircadmin/services/services.chk >/dev/null 2>&1

Push the esc key two times than :wq.


I used on my Windows PC  Context to edit the .conf files and to change a lot of lines at once like from to

And just for fun change the password:

password: opername:

/oper zcworld / zcworld

To restart:

/restart restart

and to die the server it's:

/die die

(to restart / die you gotta be oper user. :))


When you make changes to the .conf files on the server type in the IRC client when you are oper status:


to reload the conf file.

Do not ask me how to link two servers up, because I don't know yet and I've been working on it for 3 hrs ...... Gotta wait for a while to find out some info.

Bigs thanks to Craz1 for his help

and checking my conf files for me ...

and grandad ( just a screen name) for his help as well :) to test the server :)

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