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Step 3


su -
root password here
(if the bin folder is there than skip this part but do the chown part)
cd /home/ircadmin
make bin
make conf
chown -R ircadmin:ircadmin ./
ls -al

(Note: I'm sure you will see that I don't have a conf folder in my screenshot < bad me >.)

Exit out of SuperUser access:

to make sure you are in your home folder

cd src
tar -zxf Unreal3.2.6.tar.gz
tar -zxf anope-1.6.5.tar.gz 33
cd Unreal3.2

(Here's my screen dump when I built mine up. :))

Do you want to enable the server anti-spoof protection?
-> Yes <ENTER>

What directory are all the server configuration files in?
-> /home/ircdadmin/conf

What is the path to the ircd binary including the name of the binary?
-> /home/ircadmin/bin/ircd

Would you like to compile as a hub or as a leaf?
Type Hub to select hub and Leaf to select leaf.
-> hub <ENTER>

What is the hostname of the server running your IRCd?
-> <ENTER>

What should the default permissions for your configuration files be? (Set this to 0 to disable)
It is strongly recommended that you use 0600 to prevent unwanted reading of the file
-> <ENTER>

Do you want to support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections?
-> y <ENTER>

If you know the path to OpenSSL on your system, enter it here. If not
leave this blank
-> <ENTER>

Do you want to enable IPv6 support?
-> <ENTER>

Do you want to enable ziplinks support?
-> y <ENTER>

If you know the path to zlib on your system, enter it here. If not
leave this blank
-> <ENTER>

Do you want to enable remote includes?
-> <ENTER>

Do you want to enable prefixes for chanadmin and chanowner?
This will give +a the & prefix and ~ for +q (just like +o is @)
Supported by the major clients (mIRC, xchat, epic, eggdrop, Klient,
PJIRC, irssi, CGI:IRC, etc.)
This feature should be enabled/disabled network-wide.
-> y <ENTER>

What listen() backlog value do you wish to use? Some older servers
have problems with more than 5, others work fine with many more.
-> <ENTER>

How far back do you want to keep the nickname history?
-> <ENTER>

What is the maximum sendq length you wish to have?
-> <ENTER>

How many buffer pools would you like?
This number will be multiplied by MAXSENDQLENGTH.
-> <ENTER>

How many file descriptors (or sockets) can the IRCd use?
-> <ENTER>

Would you like any more parameters to configure?
Write them here:
-> <ENTER>

./configure --with-showlistmodes --enable-nospoof --enable-hub --enable-ssl --enable-ziplinks --enable-prefixaq --with-listen=5 --with-dpath=/home/ircadmin/conf --with-spath=/home/ircadmin/bin/ircd --with-nick-history=2000 --with-sendq=3000000 --with-bufferpool=18 --with-permissions=0600 --with-fd-setsize=1024 --enable-dynamic-linking
checking for gcc... gcc

If you enabled SSL than just do what it says on screen. If you didn't pick that then miss this step.

(Looks like this:)

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