How To Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With gtkpod - Page 3

7 Download Music From The iPod

To download music from the iPod to your local hard drive, right-click the appropriate artist/album/song and select Copy Tracks to Filesystem:

A new window opens where you can specify the location where you want to save the songs on your hard drive. If no appropriate folder exists, click on the Create Folder button to create one:

Type in the name of the new folder:

Then go to that folder and click on Save to start the download:

The songs are now being downloaded to the selected folder:


8 Delete Music On The iPod

To delete music on the iPod, right-click on the appropriate artist/album/song and select Delete From iPod:

Confirm your choice by clicking on OK in the Delete Tracks Completely from iPod? window:

Then click on the Save Changes button to finally delete the selected songs:

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