Installing Apple's Safari Browser On Ubuntu 7.10 With PlayOnLinux - Page 2

3 Configuring PlayOnLinux

First let's change the language of PlayOnLinux (if French isn't your mother tongue). Go to Options > Langue:

Click on Suivant:

Select your preferred language and click on Suivant:

The change will take effect after a restart of PlayOnLinux (which we will do later - we still have to configure a few other things):

Next we set up the repositories where PlayOnLinux downloads its scripts from (there are scripts for each Windows application that PlayOnLinux can install to run under Wine). Go to Options > Dépots:

Enable the Community repository:

Afterwards do the same again for the WorkOnLinux repository:

Finally we create a menu entry for PlayOnLinux in the Applications menu. Go to Options > Tableaux de bord...

... and click on Yes:

Now we must restart our desktop session. Press CTRL + ALT+ Backspace and log in again.

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