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Back in PlayOnLinux, click on Next...

... and then on Browse:

Select the Safari executable you've just downloaded from your hard drive...

... and click on Next:

The next message tells us to deselect Install Bonjour for Windows and Install Apple Software Update during the Safari setup - please keep this in mind, we'll need it soon:

The Safari installer starts. Click on Next >:

Accept the Safari license:

Now it's time to disable Install Bonjour for Windows as well as the Apple updates. This is important - otherwise Safari might not work as expected on Linux:

Now Safari is being installed:

Click on Finish to leave the installer:

In the next step PlayOnLinux downloads and installs the Adobe Flash player for Safari:

Click on Yes if you want to have a Safari shortcut on your desktop...

... and in the menu:

The Safari installation is complete, you can leave PlayOnLinux now:

Now you can start Safari:

This is how it looks:


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