Using XenExpress To Virtualize Your Server - Page 2

I choose to synchronize my clock with NTP:

My DHCP server does not configure NTP automatically, so I choose to manually configure NTP by deselecting the automatic configuration and entering as timeserver:

I choose to not configure my server by DHCP as I want to configure it with a static IP address:

Enter your network configuration:

Set your hostname and DNS server(s):

Confirm to install XenExpress:

The installation starts:

When the installation is finished, select Ok to reboot the server.

The server is now ready to run other operating systems in Xen virtual machines.

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From: at: 2007-01-20 13:05:56


Well, thats a mighty fine management console there. Does anyone know, if it is free (like speech) and if it can manage domains not related to xen-express?

I have a home-rolled xen-server, that i would like to use the console with...