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10 TrueType Fonts

Open Firefox, go to, and select the msttcorefonts rpm file ( Select Open with Software Installer (default) in the Firefox download dialogue:

In the window RPM Installation, select Install:

Type in your root password:

If the package has some dependencies, install them as well:

The additional packages are now being downloaded and installed:

It is possible that the package has an unknown signature. Continue by clicking on Yes:

The RPM Installation window closes automatically after the installation has finished.

To check if the TrueType fonts have been installed correctly, open a word processor like OpenOffice. You should now find your new Windows fonts there:


11 Adobe Reader

To download Adobe Reader, go to and select the following:

Operating system: Linux - x86 (.rpm)
Your language

Then click on Continue:

Select Adobe Reader 9.3.3 (or whatever the latest version is) and click on the Download now button:

For some reason I got an error when I selected Open with Software Installer (default) in the Firefox download dialogue. To circumvent the problem, I save the file on the hard drive (e.g. in the Downloads directory -> /home/falko/Downloads)...

... and open a terminal (Applications > Tools > Terminal):



to become root and go to the directory where you've saved the Adobe rpm (e.g. /home/falko/Downloads):

cd /home/falko/Downloads/

You can type

ls -l

to find out the exact name of the Adobe rpm. Afterwards, you can install it like this:

rpm -ivh AdbeRdr9.3.3-1_i486linux_enu.rpm

After the installation we can delete the Adobe rpm:

rm -f AdbeRdr9.3.3-1_i486linux_enu.rpm

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From: Anonymous at: 2010-07-19 01:42:44

As Mandriva is one of the more KDE based distributions, I would expect to see a Perfect Desktop with KDE howto? Surely KDE 4 is mature enough to hold its own against Gnome?

From: Romana at: 2010-07-24 16:06:11

I agree with this. Until recently i've been a GNOME (on Ubuntu) user. But let me tell you, recently I started exploring other distros and so I've stumbled upon Mandriva where KDE is default. And so far from what I've seen KDE is a lot better than GNOME, in almost every aspect. A lot more modern technologies in there, like semantic desktop, desktop built out of components so very custumizable. Even backgrounds are plugins. And there is rating/commenting/tagging supported across entire desktop. not to mention how gorgeous KDE looks. Even the applications like Dolphin file manager, K3b disc burner, Amarok music player, Gwenview image viwer and similar are a lot more powerful than GNOME counterparts. In short I'm so much more happier with Mandriva and KDE that I've switched away from Ubuntu/GNOME.

From: Anonymous at: 2010-08-04 03:24:17

What a great tutorial for Mandriva Linux.  Very detailed.  We need more of these for Mandriva.  Great job and keep up the great work.