How to install SAP Netweaver 2004 Linux Testdrive on SUSE 9.3 with BW enabled - Page 5

4. Enabling BW functionality

In order to activate BW, you must first create client 001. Start the transaction SCC4 – Client Maintenance and add a new client, with Client Number 001. Do not select the Production client role!

Adding client 001

Save your new client, end your current session and log on to the new client, with user SAP*, password pass.

Start transaction SCCL – Client Copy. Select the following: Profile SAP_ALL, Source Client 000 and Source Client User Masters 000, then click on Schedule as Background Job.

Copying client data

Check Start Immediately in the next screen and then click on Continue. The client copy job has now started and is running in the background, you can check the Job Status using transaction SCC3.

After the copy process is finished, you must assign BW to client 001.
Start transaction SE16 – Data Browser and enter the RSADMINA table name.
Select BW in the CUSTOMIZID field and Execute(press F8)
In the next screen, select the table row and click on Change(press F6).
Enter 001 in the BWMANDT field and Save(press CTRL+S).

Assigning BW to client 001

Start transaction SU01 – User Maintenance. Enter the user name BWUSER and click on Create.
In the Defaults tab, set the User Start Menu RS00_BW. In the Roles tab, select the SAP_BW_ALL role. In the Profiles tab, select S_RS_ALL and SAP_ALL. Save the user, and log in as BWUSER on client 001.

Creating the BW administrator user

Start transaction RSA1 - BW Administrator Workbench. You will be prompted to create a new Logical System. Click on Create.
Select New Entries(press F5) from the Logical Systems Overview screen and create a new logical system. Save it and you will be prompted to create a Workbench request. Save the request and exit. Click on Assign, and select client 001 in the next screen.
In the Client Details screen, select the logical system that you have created and save.

Creating and assigning a Logical System

You will be asked if you wish to replicate metadata, select Only Activate.
BW is now functional and the BW Administrator Workbench will load.
You may also want to remove the SAP_ALL profile of the BWUSER user, by accessing transaction SU01.

BW Administrator Workbench

Congratulations, you have finished installing the 32 bit Linux Testdrive of SAP Netweaver 2004 and enabled BW functionality !

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