How to install SAP Netweaver 2004 Linux Testdrive on SUSE 9.3 with BW enabled - Page 4

3. Installing Netweaver

Now it's time to run the NetWeaver install script:

cd /media/cdrom/

Unfortunately the install script won’t run properly in many cases and it will exit with a “No SAPEULA License found" error. If that happens you will have to edit the install script. Since ISO is a read only filesystem, you will have to copy the whole contents of /media/cdrom/ to a temporary directory.

cp –a /media/cdrom/ /SAPKIT/
cd /SAPKIT/cdrom

The problem lies in the part of the script that displays the EULA License. In order to solve the problem without breaking any legal aspects, the script must be edited to dump the EULA to the screen using the cat command.

Press CTRL+W to activate the search function and search for show_license
In the show_license() function body, change the lines

kdialog --textbox ${sap_eula_path} 600 400 &> /dev/null


dialog --textbox ${sap_eula_path} 25 80


cat ${sap_eula_path} | more

and the line

kdialog --yesno "Do you agree to the above license terms ?" 10 50


dialog --yesno "Do you agree to the above license terms ?" 10 50

Netweaver Install Script Modifications

Save the script and execute it:


The install process takes a while, so it’s a proper time to take a snack after all this trouble. You’ll need it to have energy for the upcoming part.

After the install process has completed, remove the obsolete network interface configuration file that the script has installed in /etc/sysconfig/network.

cd /etc/sysconfig/network/
rm ifcfg-eth0:0

Next, start the server, then request a Hardware Key for your License.

su nw4adm
startsap nw4host
saplicense -get

Requesting a license key

Go to and fill in the form with your personal details and the Hardware Key that you have received. Check your email and download the .rpm file that has been attached to the email you have received.
Copy it to a temporary directory on your Linux server and install it by running

rpm –ihv license key file name

If you encounter any problems, you can also manually install the license key like this:

su nw4adm
saplicense –install

You will be prompted to type the license details that were emailed to you.

Once the server is running, configure your SAPGui/PlatinGUI for connecting to the server.

If you are using PlatinGUI, add a new connection, go to the Advanced tab and check "Use expert configuration". Enter a connection string like conn=/H/your NW server’s IP address/S/3200&expert=true

PlatinGUI connection settings

If you are using the Windows SAPGUI, enter your server’s IP address in the Application Server field, System Id SCS and System Number 00.

SAPGUI connection settings

Once you have succesfully connected, log in with the user SAP* and password SAPSTAR.

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