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9 Create An Invite Page

In this chapter I will create an Invite function that allows users of our app to invite up to ten friends at once to also install our app. The procedure is descibed here:, but I will adjust the code for our application:

vi /var/www/fb/htf_feed_reader/friendselect.php
include_once 'conf.php';


// Collect the user's friends
$fql = "SELECT uid, name, has_added_app, pic_small FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=".$user.")";
$friends = $facebook->api_client->fql_query($fql);




  <script type="text/javascript">
    function toggle_box(box_id) {
      thebox = document.getElementById('uid'+box_id);
      if (thebox.checked == false && thebox.disabled == false) {
        thebox.checked = true;
      if (thebox.checked == true) {
        thebox.checked = false;

    function disable_extras() {
      var checkboxes = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
      num_checked = 0;
      for (i=0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
        if (checkboxes[i].type == "checkbox" && checkboxes[i].checked == true) num_checked ++;
      if (num_checked == 10) {
        for (i=0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
          if (checkboxes[i].type == "checkbox" && checkboxes[i].checked == false) checkboxes[i].disabled = true;
      else {
        for (i=0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
          checkboxes[i].disabled = false;



<form action="" method="post" target="_parent">

<div style="width: 500px; height: 300px; overflow: auto; border: #aaaaaa 1px solid;">
echo '<table style="width: 100%;">';
$count = 0;
for ($i=0; $i < count($friends); $i++) {
  // Print out all friends who have not added the application. Check the first 10 friends (checked="checked" until $count reaches 10).

  $record = $friends[$i];
  if ($record['has_added_app'] != 0) continue;

  if ($count%5 == 0) echo '<tr>';

  if ($count < 10) {
    $checked = ' checked="checked"';
    $disabled = '';
  else {
    $checked = '';
    $disabled = ' disabled="true"';

  if ($record['pic_small'] == '') $pic_url = '';
  else $pic_url = $record['pic_small'];

  echo '<td style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 70%; text-align: center; width: 25%; vertical-align: top; padding: 10px; cursor: pointer;" onclick="toggle_box(\''.$record['uid'].'\');">';

  echo '<img src="'.$pic_url.'" /><br /><br />';

  echo '<input type="checkbox" id="uid'.$record['uid'].'" name="uid'.$record['uid'].'"'.$disabled.$checked.' style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="toggle_box(\''.$record['uid'].'\');" /> ';

  echo $record['name'];

  echo '</td>';

  if (($count+1)%5 == 0) echo '</tr>';

  $count ++;

if ($count%5 != 0) echo '</tr>';

echo '</table>';

<div style="text-align: center; width: 500px; height: 50px; padding: 10px;">
  <input type="hidden" name="act" value="invite" />
  <input type="submit" value="Invite Friends" style="margin: 2px 4px; background: #3B5998; border: #D9DFEA 1px solid; color: #FFFFFF; font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; text-align: center;" />


vi /var/www/fb/htf_feed_reader/invite.php
include_once 'conf.php';


$user = $facebook->require_login();

if ($_POST['act'] == 'invite') {
    // Invite the friends that were selected.
    $friends = array();
    foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) {
      if (strpos($key,'uid') == 0 && $value == 'on' && count($friends) < 10) {
        $friends[count($friends)] = substr($key,3,strlen($key)-3);
    $tail = '&next=invite.php?total='.count($friends);
    $url = $facebook->api_client->notifications_sendRequest($friends, 'HowtoForge RSS Feed Reader', '<fb:name uid="'.$user.'" firstnameonly="true" /> wants you to check out this HowtoForge feed about the newest Linux tutorials!<fb:req-choice url="'.$facebook->get_add_url().'" label="Go for it" />', '', true);

if ($_GET['sent'] == 1) {
  // Display a message letting the user know invitations have been successfully sent.
  <fb:message>Your invitations have been sent</fb:message>
  You have successfully invited <?php echo htmlspecialchars($_GET['total']); ?> of your friends to the HowtoForge RSS Feed Reader.
else {
  // Render the friend selector in an iframe.
<div style="padding: 20px;">
<h1>Invite your friends to the HowtoForge RSS Feed Reader!</h1>
<p>Invite your friends here (max 10 per day).</p>
  <fb:iframe src="<?php echo time(); ?>" width="575px" height="400px" frameborder="0" />
  <div style="clear: both;"/>

Now we must modify index.php in order to include an Invite tab on our application's page within Facebook that links to our invite.php:

vi /var/www/fb/htf_feed_reader/index.php


echo '<div style="padding-top:5px;"><fb:tabs>
  <fb:tab-item href="" title="Invite" selected="true"/>


$facebook->api_client->profile_setFBML('<fb:ref url="'.$rss_url.'"/>', $user);

With <fb:tabs> and <fb:tab-item> we can define tabs on our application's canvas page. Please note that I'm linking to although my invite.php is located on When you go to, the content will automatically be fetched from

Now go to your application's canvas page in Facebook. You should see an Invite tab there:

When you click on it, a page opens where you can select up to ten of your friends that haven't already installed the app. Click on Invite Friends afterwards:

On the next page you see the message that will be sent to your friends. Click on Send it:

If nothing goes wrong, you will see a confirmation that an invitation for the application has been sent to the selected friends:

When your friends go to their Facebook accounts, they'll see that an invitation to your RSS reader is waiting for them (in the upper right corner it says 1 howtoforge rss feed invitation):

When they click on the link, they'll see the invitation. To accept and install it, they must simply click on Go for it:

They'll be redirected to the normal Facebook application installation page where they can finally install the application:

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The Facebook API has changed. To create an Invite Page, please follow the procedure described in this forum thread: