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5 Enabling Services

In order to be able to access our NAS shares, we must enable some services on the FreeNAS server first over which we can connect to the shares. In this example I will enable CIFS (samba) so that the shares can be accessed with the Windows Explorer plus FTP and SSH.

To enable CIFS, go to Services -> CIFS and check the Enable checkbox on the right. You can leave all other values unchanged for now (thus allowing anonymous logins - if you need authenticated logins change the value for Authentication and create users under Access -> Users and Groups later on). Then hit Save:

To enable FTP, go to Services -> FTP and check the Enable checkbox on the right. You can leave all other values unchanged, thus allowing anonymous and authenticated logins over FTP (for authenticated logins you must create users under Access -> Users and Groups later on):

To enable SSH, go to Services -> SSHD and check the checkbox on the right side. That way, users can log in using SCP (e.g. WinSCP on Windows systems). The users must be created under Access -> Users and Groups later on.


6 Our First Test

Now that we have allowed anonymous CIFS and FTP logins, we can make our first test. On a windows system in the same local network as the FreeNAS server, go to Start -> Run and type in \\

A Windows Explorer window should pop up with the data share from the first FreeNAS hard drive, and you should be able to write to and read from that share:

Now open an FTP client and log in anonymously to the FreeNAS server:

Again, you should see the data share of the first FreeNAS hard drive, which should be readable and writable:

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From: hakskool at: 2008-11-08 02:09:56

I think I have a different version of freenas, but this how-to still rocks.  I'm using a Dell PowerEdge 2650, and still have a few kinks to iron out myself, but the software is kickin tail.  Thank you, all who contribute to the forge!

From: Anonymous at: 2009-04-05 20:46:08

I followed the instruction and it worked well except that the article is incomplete.  FTP & SCP works.  I can't get the SMB portion to work properly.   I am seeing the freenas machine and I am able to Map the resource from the Windows side but it keeps asking for my password (obviously not accepting it).  No solution were found.

From: Anonymous at: 2010-02-01 16:20:19

For a windows pc to accept the conection you must use the ip\username format  in the user field

for example your freenas ip is: and you have a user : myuser1 then

when asked you should use\myuser1 in the username field

that is for windows to know that the user is not local or domain suplied.

that works.



From: Anonymous at: 2008-11-05 12:51:08

Works WELLL!!!! You own man ! Instaling freenas was just a piece of cake.It was very easy so tank you very much!