Network-Attached Storage With FreeNAS - Page 3

3 Further Network Configuration

Now we log in to the FreeNAS web interface by typing (or whatever IP address you assigned to FreeNAS) in our browser.

We will be asked for a login. The default login is: username admin, password freenas.

The welcome page looks like this:

We didn't specify a gateway yet for our FreeNAS system, so we go to Interfaces -> LAN and enter our gateway IP address ( under Gateway, then we hit Save.

The system must be rebooted for the changes to take effect, so we go to the FreeNAS terminal again and hit 5 and then y:

After the reboot we can connect to the web interface again. Go to System -> General setup and fill in two DNS servers (e.g. and If you don't specify DNS servers, the system cannot connect to NTP servers if you use an FQDN (like - which is the default value) for the NTP server. On the same page, you can also change the admin password from freenas to a different value:

That's it for the network configuration, no reboot is needed.

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