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3 Configure DNS Settings For At

Now that we've configured our zone on (our ISPConfig server), we must tell our registrar ( that is the new primary name server for If we don't do that, all DNS queries will continue to go to the current name servers, and, making the zone we created on the ISPConfig server useless.

Log in to the web interface on

Then we go to Bestandsübersicht (domain portfolio) to get a list of our domains that we registered with

Then we click on Domain bearbeiten (edit domain) in the column:

We then go to the Nameserver-Einstellungen (nameserver settings) tab. Because the primary name server is run by us (, but we want to use a name server as secondary name server (, we select nur zweiter Nameserver (secondary name server only) in the Einrichtung soll erfolgen (setup type) field:

Next we go to the Domain-Einstellungen (domain settings) tab of the domain:

We scroll down to the bottom of the page. As Primary Nameserver we fill in, and because we need a glue record (because is in the domain that it should resolve), we fill in's IP address ( in the IP-Adresse field. In the 1. Secondary Nameserver field we fill in Then we click on Domain jetzt aktualisieren (modify domain now):

We should now see two green status messages which means our changes were successful:

At the bottom of the same page we can now see our new name servers for the domain. From now on, is the primary name server, and the secondary name server for

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