How To Run Your Own Name Server With ISPConfig And (Schlund)

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Author: Falko Timme

This tutorial shows how you can run your own name server for domains that you register with (Schlund Technologies). Of course, this works with every other registrar as well, although the procedure might differ a little bit. We will use the ISPConfig server as the primary name server and one of Schlund's name servers ( as the secondary name server.

To do this, you need one server with ISPConfig installed, and of course a account.


1 Current Situation

Our current situation is as follows: we have

  • an ISPConfig server: IP address; this one will be our primary name server.
  • a account with the already registered domains and Both are currently using Schlund's name servers ( and

Our primary name server (ISPConfig server) will be called; it will replace The domains and will use and as their authoritative name servers. Because will host the DNS records of its own domain,, we will have to create a glue record to avoid the hen <-> egg problem. This wouldn't be necessary if we used a different domain for our name server, like in this tutorial:


2 Create The Zone In ISPConfig

First we log in to ISPConfig and go to the DNS Manager to create the zone with all desired records (including We click on New Master (Master neu) and fill in the form as follows:

Then we go to the Options (Optionen) tab and fill in the administrative email address for this zone as well as the two authoritative name servers. We plan to use and

Then we go to the Records tab and click on the New (Neu) button next to A Record to create our first A record:

In the form that comes up we fill in ns1 (nothing more!) as Host and as the IP address:

Afterwards, we can find our new record on the Records tab:

Next we create further A records like and

Now it's time to create an MX record for We click on the New (Neu) button next to MX:

We want mails for to go to (for which we've just created an A record). Because has no host name, we leave the Host field empty, select a priority and fill in in the Mailserver field:

We also want to create some CNAME records, for example should point to Therefore we click on the New (Neu) button next to CNAME:

We fill in pop3 (nothing more!) as Host and as Target (Ziel):

Afterwards we create some more CNAME records, such as

  • ->
  • ->
  • ->

(but of course it's up to you if you need these records or not).

Finally we create an SPF record. SPF is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery (see Click on the New (Neu) button next to SPF (still on the Records tab):

ISPConfig's form for setting up SPF records is very similar to this wizard from the web site, so take a look at the wizard, and you should be able to fill in the SPF form in ISPConfig. We leave the Host field empty because we want to send emails from, not from

That's it for the zone. We can now find all our records on the Records tab:

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Hello falco

im trying to do the same with my domain, im using a diferent registrar and im a little bit confused. could you please make another guide  to use with ? i can give you access to my ISPConfig server as well as to my account so that you could write the new howto.......

thank you...