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By using the Merge layer down button on the Layers panel you can merge the currently selected layer with the one beneath it. I do that to combine my background layers to one single layer. Next I create a new layer to create my foreground.

If you work on more detailed objects it is always a good choice to use a new layer for every seperate object you add to the picture. To edit the opacity of a layer, select Layers > Layer Properties... and adjust the layer's opacity.

I need to do that to make my bug's wings transparent. To make its eyes look more partitioned, I use the Tile Reflection distort effect. Select Effects > Distort > Tile Reflection...

and adjust it to the level you need.

If you are satisfied with your picture, merge all layers to create a single image.


3 *.ora image format

If you want to save your image as a project file, meaning wanting to save the image as seperated layers but not as merged image, you can use the OpenRaster image format (*.ora) which saves your current image seperated in layers so you can open it again later and continue your work.


4 Further Possibilities

Apart from the features I used to create and edit my image you have a large variety of different ones to choose from, as the Artistic effects which you can find in most higher quality creative editors and which let you edit your image to look more like an oil painting or different styles. Then there are the Blurs, I already used the Gaussian Blur in my image, however there are far more than just this one, for example the Motion Blur, the Radial Blur or the Unfocus. There are also more possibilities of distorting your images as making them twist or bulge into different directions. You can also sharpen your image or vary its color properties to adjust the mood to your likings. Here is an example of what you can accomplish by just drawing a very few lines with a greater brush and adding some effects to it:

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By: Anonymous

This program is very close to Gimp.

From the summary I was expecting something closer to Picasa