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  • Installing and using Git and GitHub on Ubuntu Linux: A beginner's guide

    Installing and using Git and GitHub on Ubuntu Linux: A beginner's guide

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    This tutorial is a quick setup guide for installing and using GitHub and how to perform its various functions of creating a repository locally, connecting this repo to the remote host that contains your project (where everyone can see), committing the changes and finally pushing all the content in the local system to GitHub.

  • Installing and using vnStat and vnStati for Monitoring Network Traffic in Ubuntu

    Installing and using vnStat and vnStati for Monitoring Network Traffic in Ubuntu

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    Monitoring Network Traffic or Bandwidth Usage is an important task in an organisational structure or even for developers. It is sometimes required to monitor traffic on various systems which share the internet bandwidth. There might be situations where network statistics are required for decision making in the networking areas or use the logged information on the network traffic for analysis tasks.

  • Tesseract OCR: Installation and Usage on Ubuntu 16.04

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    Tesseract is one of the most powerful open source OCR engine available today. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This tutorial shows the installation and usage of Tesseract on Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Installing Google TensorFlow Neural Network Software for CPU and GPU on Ubuntu 16.04

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    TensorFlow is an open source software for performing machine learning tasks. Google, its creator wanted to expose a powerful tool to help developers explore and build machine learning based applications and so they released this as an open source project. TensorFlow is an extremely powerful tool specializing in a type of neural network called the deep neural network.

  • Wordpress: An Installation Guide for Ubuntu Linux (LAMP) and Windows (WAMP)

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    Wordpress is a free and open source blogging tool and CMS used by millions of people in the world. Its simplicity, power and flexibility places it as a top choice for people to use and developers to recommend. It has come a long way from its release in May, 2013. It consists of tons of themes, plugins and features that help the user to obtain speed, security and reliability.

  • Using Putty to remotely open GUI applications

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    Remote connections can be established with system over a network through SSH (secure shell) easily, we can login, perform actions or send commands to another system remotely trough this conection on the commandline. But what we cannot do is launch a GUI application for viewing content present in the remote node. This is the disadvantage of using ssh in a terminal. But this disadvantage can be easily solved by making use of "putty", a remote login application which can not only be used to login to a remote node, but also launch GUI applications. Examples of GUI applications are Browser, text viewers, etc.

  • Getting started with commandline encryption tools on Linux

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    Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read them. With almost no privacy in this digital generation of our's, encryption of our data is one of the most required tools. Most of the applications like gmail encrypt our data, but the data on your system is still unsecured and there are hackers or unauthorised users waiting to access them. One way to minimize the risk of data theft is to encrypt the data that is present even on our local system. This tutorial demonstrates several methods of encrypting the data on Linux systems using commandline tools.

  • How to install and use Waartaa IRC client as a local standalone application

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    Waartaa is an open source communication and collaboration tool. It is an IRC client focussed to overcome the subtle disadvantages of existing clients. It is a web based IRC client as a service, facilitating some extremely useful services such as: centralised logging, unique Identity, global access, notifications, responsiveness to devices and displays across multiple clients.

  • Installing Network Simulator 2 (NS2) on Ubuntu 14.04

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    Network simulators are tools used to simulate discrete events in a network and which helps to predict the behaviours of a computer network. Generally the simulated networks have entities like links, switches, hubs, applications, etc. Once the simulation model is complete, it is executed to analyse the performance. Administrators can then customize the simulator to suit their needs. Network simulators typically come with support for the most popular protocols and networks in use today, such as WLAN,UDP,TCP,IP, WAN, etc.

  • Distributed parallel programming in Python : MPI4PY

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    MPI stands for Message passing interface. An implementation of MPI such as MPICH" or OpenMPI is used to create a platform to write parallel programs in a distributed system such as a Linux cluster with distributed memory. Generally the platform built allows programming in C using the MPI standard. So in order to run Parallel programs in this environment in python, we need to make use of a module called MPI4py which means "MPI for Python". This module provides standard functions to do tasks such as get the rank of processors, send and receive messages/ data from various nodes in the clusters.