VNC Server installation on OpenSuse 13.2

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Author: Srijan Kishore
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This guide explains how to configure VNC server in OpenSuse 13.2. VNC is a very convinient way of administrating the OpenSuse desktops remotely. The GUI can be accessed from anywhere over the internet or local network with a VNC client on any OS. The only requirement is that the connecting OS has a VNC-client installed on it.

1 Preliminary Note

I have fresh installed OpenSuse 13.2 Desktop installed with KDE-desktop on which I am going to install VNC-server and configure to make it available for remote connections.  My OpenSuse 13.2 desktop have hostname & IP as

VNC-server benefits:

  • Remote GUI administration makes work easy & convenient.
  • Clipboard sharing between host Ubuntu server & VNC-client machine.
  • GUI tools can be installed on the host Ubuntu server to make the administration more powerful
  • Host Ubuntu server can be administered through any OS having the VNC-client installed.
  • More reliable and faster then running a X-Server over SSH.
  • More reliable then RDP connections.

2 VNC installation and configuration

Open Yast utilty as shown below.

And search for the software kdenetwork3-vnc, select the software and install it:

Press Accept:

It will ask for confirmation to make the changes, just press Continue.

Then in Yast utility goto Network Service --> Remote Administration (VNC)

You will get this screen.

Now select as shown below and press OK

Next, it will ask to install xorg-X11, just install the software.

It will ask to restart the display manager. Take a system reboot here.

3 VNC connection at client

Now I will connect to the server with the VNC client. It have a default port of 5901 and you can connect it with any VNC client very easily mentioning the listening port.

It will connect to the remote machine.

Enter the credentials and enjoy the remote connection.

Cheers now we have a successfully configured VNC server over OpenSuse 13.2 :)

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By: Paxton


Very nice, clear instructions.

I had the vnc server running in my OpenSuse 13.2, but it only connected to the login page, and upon login, KDE did not come up, only the background remained.

After several minutes, the login screen reappears.

After following your clear instructions, I get the same symptoms.  I must have something tangled.  Where should I look to solve this issue?



By: islam gamal

than\k you

By: arief

thank you, its very usefull.

By: ger


Very helpful however, I have same problem as Paxton. When I run VNC Client I log in but just get green splash screen.

Any ideas.

I have tried various suggested settings in xstartup file withoutb success.

By: Richard Steven Hack

And you now have a completely insecure machine... Use SSVNC which supports encryption...FAR safer.

By: mk

The same error like paxton.. Paxton do you solve the problem ?`??

By: Tom

I as well had always the problem with KDE crashing. Finally I installed gnome as desktop. Configured it as Display Manager and Window Manager and now I am happy. KDE seems to have problemsl

By: Nexusguy59

Excellent article Thank you for this, I am new to OpenSuse and it made very simple. I could not get this working with Ubuntu at all. Thanks Again.