The Perfect Desktop - PCLinuxOS 2007 - Page 2

To start the installation, we must type in the root password (which is root):

The installation wizard starts. Click on Next:

Select your hard disk type (usually that's Normal Hard drive (ide,sata)):

The PCLinuxOS default partitioning scheme is ok for our purposes, so you can select Use free space.

If you are absolutely sure you want to format the partitions, click on Next:

Your new partitions are now being formatted:

Afterwards, click on Next to start the PCLinuxOS installation:

The installation begins. This can take a few minutes, so please be patient:

Afterwards we have to configure the bootloader. The default settings are ok, so we can click on Next:

The default boot menu entries are ok as well, so we click on Finish:

Afterwards, specify the root password:

Then create a normal user account (falko in this example; that's the user we will use to log in to the desktop later on) and click on Accept user:

We don't need another user account, so we click on Done:

Click on Finish to complete the installation:

To use our new installation, we must reboot and remove the PCLinuxOS CD from our CD drive. Log out of the current desktop session by clicking on the PC icon in the lower left corner, then select Log out from the upcoming menu:

Click on End Current Session:

We are now taken back to the login screen:

Click on System Menu and select Shutdown from the upcoming menu:

Then click on Restart Computer:

The system shuts down. Remove the PCLinuxOS CD and press <ENTER>:

Afterwards, select Linux from the botloader menu (or wait a few seconds):

The system boots:

Log in with your username and password:

The desktop is being initialized:

This is how your new desktop looks:

Now the base system is ready to be used.

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By: Christo

Hi Falcon ,

You have really put out some  great stuff out there .... It is very very useful..... But I am having an doubt and request you to clear it. . . . .

I am having Windows Xp installed on my system but I am also in need of LINUX. . . . Can u tell me any way in which I can install LINUX with formatting any data and having XP also installed on the  same system. . . . Please let me know if it is possible because earlier I had both Xp and Win 98 on my system in which i could login to the desired Operating system . .  . I want to know if the same is possible for XP and LINUX......

PLz reply soon....

By: Anonymous

I know nothing about linux, but I wanted an alternative to windows, and this tutorial really helped me with the intalation of pclinuxos2007.  More simple than this you can not ge it.


thank you Falcon

By: Joseph

Sorry, I got to exited when I finally installed PCLOS that I wrote "Falcon" instend of Falko. I know you are not permited to ask for help but if you know how to or know of a tutorial like this o very similar, on how to dual boot pclinux07 and win xp pro  I will really apricited.  I had tried few of them but no luck so far.

Thank you again  Falko