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The Perfect Desktop - OpenSUSE 10.3 (GNOME) - Page 5

8 TrueType Fonts

Open Firefox and download the file Save it on your hard drive (e.g. on the Desktop):

Then open a terminal (Computer > More Applications... > Gnome Terminal):

In the terminal, type


to become root.

Then go to the directory where you've saved the MicrosoftFonts-1-jen14.noarch.rpm file (e.g. /home/falko/Desktop) and install the TrueType fonts like this:

cd /home/falko/Desktop
rpm -e agfa-fonts
rpm -ivh MicrosoftFonts-1-jen14.noarch.rpm
rm -f MicrosoftFonts-1-jen14.noarch.rpm

Afterwards, you can open a word processor like OpenOffice, and you should find a lot of new fonts there (like Arial, Verdana, etc.).


9 Skype

To download Skype, go to, and choose OpenSUSE 10+:

Save the file to your hard drive (e.g. /home/falko/Desktop):

Open a terminal again and become root:


Then go to the directory where you've saved Skype and install it like this:

cd /home/falko/Desktop
rpm -ivh skype-
rm -f skype-


10 Google Earth

To install Google Earth, open a terminal and become root:


Then run

cd /home/falko/Desktop
sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin

This will download Google Earth and start the installation. A Google Earth Setup window opens. Accept all default settings and click on Begin Install:

After the installation, you can click on Quit or on Start, if you want to start Google Earth now:

Afterwards, we delete the Google Earth installer:

rm -f GoogleEarthLinux.bin


11 Picasa

To install Google's Picasa, open a terminal and become root:


Then run

cd /home/falko/Desktop
rpm -ivh picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.rpm
rm -f picasa-2.2.2820-5.i386.rpm


12 Inventory (III)

This is what we have now:

[x] Gimp
[x] F-Spot
[x] Picasa

[x] Firefox
[x] Opera
[x] Flash Player
[x] gFTP
[x] Thunderbird
[x] Evolution
[x] aMule
[x] Azureus
[x] Bittorrent
[x] Pidgin
[x] Skype
[x] Google Earth
[x] Xchat IRC

[x] OpenOffice Writer
[x] OpenOffice Calc
[x] Adobe Reader
[x] GnuCash
[x] Scribus

Sound & Video:
[x] Amarok
[x] Audacity
[x] Banshee
[x] MPlayer
[x] Rhythmbox Music Player
[x] gtkPod
[x] XMMS
[x] dvd::rip
[x] Sound Juicer CD Extractor
[x] VLC Media Player
[x] Real Player
[x] Totem
[x] Xine
[x] Brasero
[x] GnomeBaker
[x] K3B
[x] Multimedia-Codecs

[x] NVU
[x] Quanta Plus

[ ] VMware Server
[x] TrueType Fonts
[x] Java
[x] Read/Write Support for NTFS Partitions

So everything is installed except for VMware Server...

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