There is a new version of this tutorial available for openSUSE 13.2.

The Perfect Desktop - OpenSUSE 10.3 (GNOME) - Page 2

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The hard disk is being formatted:

The package installation starts (click on the Details tab to see the detailed installation progress):

Provide a password for root:

Since this is a desktop system, we don't need a special host- or domain name, so we can accept the default settings:

Next we have the Network Configuration page. The settings here should be ok for most desktop machines, so we can click on the Next button:

Now the internet connection of the system is tested:

Now configure the Online Update function and install the latest updates, if available:

An update server (for the latest package updates) should have been added to your configuration. Click on OK:

Select Run Update:

A list of available updates is shown. Click on Accept to install them:

The updates are being downloaded and installed:

Click on Next afterwards:

When asked how users should authenticate, choose Local (/etc/passwd):

Create a second user other than root (this should be the username you use to log in to your desktop):

Read the release notes (if you like...) and click on Next:

On the Hardware Configuration page, you can check if your hardware has been detected correctly, and you can make some changes (e.g. change the screen resolution) if needed:

Congratulations! Your base installation is complete:

When the desktop starts for the first time, you see this page first. Click on Close to proceed:

This is how your OpenSUSE 10.3 desktop looks like:

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