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11 RealPlayer (For i386 Systems Only)

(RealPlayer is available for i386 systems only. If you are on an x86_64 system, please skip this chapter.)

Open Firefox and go to Click on the appropriate .deb link:

A download dialogue should come up. If it offers the option Open with Ubuntu Software Center (default), choose that one and follow the installation wizard. If it doesn't, click the Save File button:

The deb. package will then be saved to the download location specified by your browser. Usually this is the Downloads directory in your personal folder. Open a terminal and change directories to that directory. Afterwards, install the package using gdebi (you can autocomplete the name of the package by typing in the first few letters and pressing TAB then):

cd /home/howtoforge/Downloads
gdebi RealPlayer11GOLD.deb


12 Skype For 64-Bit Systems

Skype is only available for 32-bit systems in the Ubuntu repositories but there is a 64-bit version on their website. Go to and select the Ubuntu 10.4+ 64-bit version from the Download now panel.

Proceed with the installation just as for Realplayer:

cd /home/howtoforge/Downloads
gdebi skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_amd64.deb


13 Inventory (III)

We have now all wanted applications installed:

[x] The GIMP
[x] Shotwell Photo Manager

[x] Firefox
[x] Opera
[x] Chromium
[x] Flash Player
[x] FileZilla
[x] Thunderbird
[x] Evolution
[x] aMule
[x] Transmission BitTorrent Client
[x] Vuze
[x] Empathy IM Client
[x] Skype
[x] Google Earth
[x] Xchat IRC
[x] Gwibber Social Client

[x] LibreOffice Writer
[x] LibreOffice Calc
[x] Adobe Reader
[x] GnuCash
[x] Scribus

Sound & Video:
[x] Amarok
[x] Audacity
[x] Banshee
[x] MPlayer
[x] Rhythmbox Music Player
[x] gtkPod
[x] XMMS
[x] dvd::rip
[x] Kino
[x] Sound Juicer CD Extractor
[x] VLC Media Player
[x] RealPlayer
[x] Totem
[x] Xine
[x] Brasero
[x] K3B
[x] Multimedia-Codecs

[x] KompoZer
[x] Bluefish
[x] Eclipse

[x] VirtualBox
[x] TrueType fonts
[x] Java
[x] Read/Write support for NTFS partitions

[x] gdebi

[x] gedit


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From: Aleve Sicofante at: 2012-05-22 21:02:42

Please stop calling The GIMP a "replacement" for Adobe Photoshop or LibreOffice a "replacement" for MS Office. Have you ever seen those popular apps referred to as "the prorpietary commercial replacement" for the free ones?

Let's grow up and define applications for what they do, not for what some think they are trying to catch up to.

From: Gord Jeoffroy at: 2012-05-23 14:43:42

I share the sentiment! But this also helps put the apps in context for the newcomer. Simply calling The GIMP a "graphics program" doesn't paint as specific a picture as "it's like Photoshop."

From: Anonymous at: 2012-05-23 16:10:30

"Have you ever seen those popular apps referred to as "the prorpietary commercial replacement" for the free ones?"


Maybe we should start doing that. :D


Does anyone know if Ubuntu studio has a real time kernel or not?

From: Maxei at: 2012-09-30 10:40:14

"Does anyone know if Ubuntu studio has a real time kernel or not?"

Not exactly real time: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 uses the 3.2.0-23-lowlatency kernel. AFAIK, there is not yet a real-time kernel for Ubuntu Studio. I was using the 11.04 version (with a 'standard' kernel), and installed a low latency from alesio's repository. It was working ok for me: no xruns, but eventually, the updates of the system hogged it all to a slow responsive ubuntu. I was fed up of how slow it became ("thanks" to those nasty sob updates!).

I installed this 12.04 version, with xfce, and seems so, so, and is faster or more responsive than previous 11.04. However, I am now having terrible xruns! But I have NO intention to install updates; not again that mistake!!!

I need to find ways to eliminate xruns. Anyone??

From: Brian at: 2013-11-15 14:12:14

To get rid of xruns, you're going to have to make sure you are running the lowlatency kernel. Then, the first recommendation I'd make is to completely disable WiFi.

 I've never had a problem with any Ubuntu install's performance deteriorating over time because of updates. However, in saying that, I do always wait about a week after a new kernel is installed (just in case the new one is flakey) and if all okay after the week, zap all old kernel images and headers.

From: Anonymous at: 2012-05-23 18:33:11

did I miss the anti-virus?  Can't call it perfect desktop without one, right?


From: Anonymous at: 2012-08-14 20:10:52

there are open source free security programs but hacking a Linux based computer is extremely hard. Linux is actually safer than most other operating systems you come across in terms of security. why? because everything that effects the "System" of the computer is protected by your Root password/verification, a hacker can't do anything to your system without your permission.

 In short Linux by it's self is safer than a windows PC with expensive security programs.

From: Anonymous at: 2012-05-24 20:49:06

There really is no open source replacement for quicken that can connect to your bank and reconcile your transactions.