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3 Flash Player

Mandriva One 2009.1 installs the Macromedia Flash Player by default. To see if the Flash plugin is working, start Firefox. Then type about:plugins in the address bar. Firefox will then list all installed plugins, and it should list the Flash Player (version 10.0r22) among them:


4 Inventory Of What We Have So Far

Now let's browse all menus to see which of our needed applications are already installed (of course, the Flash plugin isn't listed in the menus because it's a browser plugin - that's why we checked for its existence in the previous chapter).

You should find the following situation ([x] marks an application that is already installed, where [ ] is an application that is missing):

[x] The GIMP
[x] F-Spot
[ ] Picasa

[x] Firefox
[ ] Opera
[x] Flash Player
[ ] FileZilla
[ ] Thunderbird
[x] Evolution
[ ] aMule
[ ] Transmission BitTorrent Client
[ ] Vuze/Azureus
[x] Pidgin
[ ] Skype
[ ] Google Earth
[ ] Xchat IRC

[x] OpenOffice Writer
[x] OpenOffice Calc
[ ] Adobe Reader
[ ] GnuCash
[ ] Scribus

Sound & Video:
[ ] Amarok
[ ] Audacity
[ ] Banshee
[ ] MPlayer
[x] Rhythmbox Music Player
[ ] gtkPod
[ ] XMMS
[ ] dvd::rip
[x] Kino
[x] Sound Juicer CD Extractor
[ ] VLC Media Player
[ ] Helix Player
[x] Totem
[ ] Xine
[x] Brasero
[ ] K3B
[ ] Multimedia-Codecs

[ ] KompoZer (Nvu)
[ ] Bluefish
[ ] Quanta Plus

[ ] VirtualBox
[ ] True Type fonts
[ ] Java
[x] NTFS Read-/Write Support

So some applications are already on the system. NTFS read-/write support is enabled by default on Mandriva 2009.1.


5 Add PLF Online Software Repositories

Some packages like the Win32 codecs are not available in the standard Mandriva repositories. The easiest way to make such packages available to your system is to add the PLF repositories.

Visit in your browser. The site should automatically detect your Mandriva version and your architecture.

Scroll down. You should see the buttons Add Official medias and Add PLF medias. Click on Add PLF medias (the official Mandriva repositories are already enabled on our desktop). In the Firefox download dialogue, select Open with Add urpmi media (default):

Type in the root password:

Answer the question Is it ok to continue? with Yes:

The package database is now being updated:

Click on Ok afterwards:


6 Update The System

Now it's time to check if updates are available for our system. Go to System > Administration > Configure Your Computer:

Type in your password:

In the Mandriva Control Center, go to Software Management > Update your system:

Click on Yes if you're asked Is it ok to continue?:

Select which updates you want to install. Click on Update to do so:

Confirm your selection:

The updates are now being downloaded and installed:

Click on Quit afterwards to leave the Software Management window:

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From: Rufus Polson at: 2009-05-13 07:03:05

Your comment seems handy in general, but I had to ask about K3B.  Work in progress?  I mean, technically every active project is, but K3B has been around like forever and has seemed pretty dashed mature to me for as long as I've been using it.  Did they just move to an unstable new release or something?  Like, did they just make the jump to KDE 4?  If that's it, it might be an idea to just stick with the older version for a little while.

From: bubu at: 2009-08-10 10:27:05

work in progress means, k3b for kde4 actually is in alpha2 phase - not for production use...

i`ve heard, S.Trueg got some help directly from mandriva to speed up the process.

in my case, i won`t move to kde4, unless i don`t have k3b stable for kde4...

From: aapgorilla at: 2009-05-07 21:53:18

Hi nice guide, some few small remarks:

  • in mandriva rpm's can be installed by simply double clicking them, no need for difficult rpm commandline stuff
  • google earth is available via the plf repositories to: install google-apps-installer and running it (it's in internet)
  • xmms is old and unmaintained, it will be dropped soon by mandriva altogether: audacious is a good replacement (it is a gtk2 fork of xmms)
  • K3B is work in progress, I wouldn't recommend it just yet maybe in a month or 2
  • SMplayer is a very nice frontend for mplayer