Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY - Page 3

7 Attach The Private Key To The PuTTY Profile

Now launch PuTTY again and load the profile of your SSH server (

Attach The Private Key To The PuTTY Profile

Then go to SSH -> Auth and click on Browse:

Putty Auth settings

Browse your file system and select your previously created private key:

Select key file from filesystem

The key file path is shown in putty

Then go to Session again and click on Save:

Save the putty session

Now we have attached the private key to our PuTTY profile.


8 Our First Key-Based Login

Now everything is ready for our first key-based login to our SSH server. Click on Open:

First Key-Based Login

As you can see, the public key is now used for authentication, and you are asked for the passphrase (the one you specified in chapter 5):

public key is now used for authentication

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