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On the next page specify the name of your store, select a category (e.g. Computer Hardware and Software) and your country and timezone. You can also upload your shop logo (all these settings can later be modified in the shop backend):

Further down the page specify the admin details (name, email address, password) and click on Next:

PrestaShop is now being installed:

Click on the Manage your store button to go to the PrestaShop backend - but before you do this, you must delete the install folder:

rm -fr /var/www/

Fill in the login details that you specified during installation:

This is how the backend looks:

Let's configure two important things now: search-engine friendly URLs and caching. For the search-engine friendly URLs, go to Preferences > SEO & URLs:

Enable Friendly URL and click on Save (the other settings are not that important - some of them apply to Apache only):

To enable caching, go to Advanced Parameters > Performance:

First you can enable compression/minification and caching of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files (our nginx vhost configuration already contains the nginx equivalent of Apache optimization, so browser caching will work out of the box):

Further down, you can enable caching of data - you can choose between memcached, APC, XCache, and a file system cache. In this tutorial we have APC installed, so you can either use that, or memcached (which I prefer). XCache will not work (unless you install it).

That's it! Now visit the frontend. This is how the demo store looks:

If you browse the shop, you will see that search-engine friendly URLs are working:



About The Author

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