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Now we create the partitions. Select Manually edit partition table. If there are already some partitions, delete them first by selecting them, hit return and then select delete.

I will use the folowing partition scheme:

/boot 50 MB
/swap 1GB
/ 10 GB
/var the rest of the hard disk

Creating a partition: Select your hard disk (in my case SCSI1), hit enter, then:

Creating a partitiontable: Select FREE SPACE, hit enter, then:

1) Select Create new partition.
2) Enter the size of the partition. Values can be entered in MB and GB or percent (%)
3) Select type of partition: primary
4) Select location of partition: beginning
5) Change Use as: I will use EXT3 for all partitions except the swap partition, that is of type swap.
6) Change: Select the mountpoint
7) Select Done setting up the partition

Repeat this for all partitions in the above partition table.

Now your partition table should look similar to this:

Select Finish partitioning and write changes to disk, then Yes, to proceed with the next step.

Now the base system is being installed:

Configure your time zone:

Setup a user:

The first stage of the installation process is finished and the server boots into the installed Ubuntu linux.

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By: Anonymous

One small omission - you must set the bootable flag to "on" for the first partition (the /boot partition). You can leave all the other partitions with the default (bootable flag is "off").