The Perfect Setup - Mandriva 2006 Free Edition - Page 3

Finally we change the Network - lan settings. Select LAN connection unless you're using something different:

Select the network interface you want to configure (normally eth0):

We want to assign a static IP address to our network interface (remember, we're installing a server...), so we do not want to get an IP address using BOOTP or DHCP. Therefore we choose Manual configuration:

Now enter the IP address and a Netmask:

Enter the Host name (e.g., up to three DNS servers (e.g. and and the Gateway:

You can leave the field Zeroconf Host name empty:

Do not allow users to start the connection. It's a server, and servers are always online (at least, they should be...):

We've now made all necessary configurations, so we can leave the summary screen by clicking on Next:

We do not want to configure X because we do not want to run a desktop on a server:

Now you can download the latest updates:

The base installation is now finished, you can now remove the CD or DVD and reboot the system:

Now on to the system configuration...

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