The Perfect Server - Mandriva 2010.1 (Spring) Free (x86_64) [ISPConfig 2] - Page 3

Finally we change our network settings. Click on the Configure button next to Network - ethernet:

Select Wired (Ethernet) unless you're using something different:

Select the network interface that you want to configure:

We want to assign a static IP address to our network interface (remember, we're installing a server...), so we do not want to get an IP address using BOOTP or DHCP. Therefore we choose Manual configuration:

Now enter the IP address, Netmask, and Gateway. Also enter the Host name (e.g. and up to two DNS servers (e.g. and

Do not allow users to start the connection. It's a server, and servers are always online (at least, they should be...). But select Start the connection at boot:

Choose to start the network connection now:

In my setup I got the message that the Internet connectivity test failed - I'm not sure if this is a bug in the Mandriva installer, or if there was a temporary problem with my Internet connection at that time; anyway, the Internet connection was working without any problems after the intitial installation, so if you see this message, don't let it fool you:

We've now made all necessary configurations, so we can leave the summary screen by clicking on Next:

Now you can download the latest updates. Please note: this is optional. We are going to create a cron job which will update our system automatically, so you can select No here:

The base installation is now finished, you can now remove the CD or DVD and reboot the system:

Now on to the system configuration...

Please note that root logins via SSH are disabled by default on Mandriva 2010.1. If you want to log in over SSH, log in as a normal user first (because I created the normal user account administrator during the installation, I use administrator to log in) and then run


to become root.

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