The Perfect Server - Mandriva 2009.1 Free (x86_64) [ISPConfig 2] - Page 2

We don't want a desktop on a server system, therefore we select Custom on this screen:

Now we select the package groups we want to install. Select Internet station, Network Computer (client), Configuration, Console Tools, Development, Web/FTP, Mail, Database, Firewall/Router and Network Computer server, unselect all other package groups, and click on Next:

The package installation starts:

Afterwards, provide a root password and create another user (e.g. administrator) and click on Next:

Now the installer presents us a summary of the installation and gives us the possibility to change settings by clicking on the appropriate Configure button. First of all we configure the time zone we're in:

Select your time zone:

On the next screen select hardware clock set to UTC, Automatic time synchronization (using NTP), and for NTP Server choose All servers:

Next we make sure that the Security Level is set to Standard (all other security levels are too restrictive):

Next we modify the firewall settings:

ISPConfig comes with its own firewall, so if you like to install ISPConfig, select Everything (no firewall) to disable the firewall. Otherwise, configure the firewall to your needs:

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From: Anonymous at: 2009-05-13 00:21:10

because there are so many idiot users like you

From: LinuxAdmon at: 2009-05-14 01:57:14

I'm not familiar with ISPConfig but webmin, I think webmin did it well

From: Anonymous at: 2009-05-10 17:13:23

.. perfect server, perfect desktop, howtos? i thought linux users were a little bit more iterated than their windows counterparts. isn't just one howto enough?

From: Fred at: 2009-05-11 14:19:19

Don't mess with /etc/rc.local to change the hostname of your system. Instead, edit /etc/sysconfig/network