Installing GNOME On PCLinuxOS 2007

Version 1.0
Author: Falko Timme

The default desktop environment on PCLinuxOS 2007 is KDE, and during the installation you have no choice to install another desktop environment. This guide shows how you can install GNOME from the PCLinuxOS 2007 KDE desktop.

I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!


Installing GNOME

Click on the Synaptic icon to start the Synaptic Package Manager:

Type in the root password:

After Synaptic has started, click on the Search button and search for gnome:

Now select the following packages for installation:

  • gdl
  • gdm
  • gdm-themes
  • gdm-Xnest
  • gedit
  • gedit-plugins
  • gnome* (meaning all packages that start with gnome)

If one of the selected packages has some dependencies, accept these dependencies by clicking on Mark:

After you've selected all of the above packages, search for libgtk+2.0_0 and select Mark for Upgrade for the package libgtk+2.0_0. If Mark for Upgrade is greyed out, this means that you already have the newest version installed.

If you don't upgrade libgtk+2.0_0 to the newest version, it's possible that /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon won't be able to start because of an error like this:

/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon: undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl

After you've selected all packages, click on the Apply button:

Confirm your selection by clicking on the Apply button again:

Afterwards, the packages are being downloaded and installed:

Afterwards, close Synaptic and log out of your current desktop session (End Current Session):

Now on the login screen, click on Sessions (in the lower left corner) and select GNOME from the menu, then type in your username and password and log in (please note that the system remembers which desktop environment your were using the last time, so if you want to use KDE again the next time, you'd have to select KDE from the Sessions menu; if you'd like to stay with GNOME, you don't have to select GNOME again).

GNOME starts. This is how the GNOME splash screen looks on PCLinuxOS 2007:

And finally, this is your PCLinuxOS 2007 GNOME desktop:


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If you want the complete Gnome desktop then search for task-gnome and select it. This is a meta package to pull in everything you need for the Gnome desktop. Hope this helps a little.





By: MishMich

Triied installing task manager full, minimal and the manual method - problem is broken dependencies.  So, on the minimal install:

 Depends: gnome-panel (>=2.20.2) but it is not installable
 Depends: gnome-terminal (>=2.18.3) but it is not installable
 Depends: nautilus but it is not going to be installed
 Depends: yelp but it is not going to be installed
 Depends: gnome-control-center (>= but it is not installable
 Depends: gnome-volume-manager (>=1.5.15) but it is not installable

Already tried updating the OS via synaptic, but it broke the system and left me with aan unusable OS.  Seems there is no obvious way of adding anything on from repositories without messing up the system, aand no way of updating the system.  This is why I don't use linux - but I thought PClinux looked OK.



You can save much time and effort by installing the Gnome Meta Package available through synaptic.  It's labeled "task-gnome".  Searching for this in synaptic will bring up a 'minimal' package and a standard one.  Select the non standard to get the normal gnome packages and the minimal for a minimalistic install. 

By: yeager31

Hard for me to say what the problem might be(I am a beginner with Linux), but Tex and the Ripper gang are hard at work on getting PCLinuxOS 2009 out the door. They have just closed testing on Beta3 and I expect a 4th Beta and then the final to be here before too much longer.


Just as an aside, if you just loaded 2007, did you update everything after installation? The reason I ask is because they have just done a MAJOR update to the repositories. Go to to access the forums for more info.