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  • Error messages during uninstall

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    shell-init: could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory This is normal. The program /root/ispconfig/uninstall deletes its own parent directory (/root/ispconfig) and thus cannot find it anymore. Nevertheless the uninstall will be completed. Just ignore the error message.

  • What spam filter is used by the ISPConfig 2 system?

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    ISPConfig 2 uses the popular spam filter SpamAssassin ( Beyond which score are emails treated as spam?The SPAM score can be set for every mail account individually, the default score is 5.0 points (SpamAssassin's default value).

  • What happens to spam?

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    In Version 2.x of the ISPConfig you can specify if spam should be delivered to the recipient ("Accept"; the subject will be rewritten to indicate spam so that email filtering can be done by the recipient's email client) or if it should be deleted.

  • What does the mailscanner do to email attachments?

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    Attachments with suspicious file extensions (e.g. exe) will be renamed automatically: e.g., USELESS_EYE_CANDY.EXE would be renamed to USELESS_EYE_CANDY.DEFANGED12345-EXE, so that one cannot open the attachment thoughtlessly by double-clicking. The attachment first has to be saved to the hard disk and to be renamed to USELESS_EYE_CANDY.EXE before it can be opened. Note: The mailscanner feature is not the same as the antivirus.

  • What is the difference between complete and partial deinstallation of the ISPConfig 2 system?

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    Partial deinstallation means that only the ISPConfig 2 system itself will be uninstalled, not the objects created by it (web sites, users, DNS records, etc.). On complete deinstallation also the objects created by the systems (web sites, users, DNS records, etc.) will be uninstalled. Thus, the server is reset to its original state.

  • I cannot reach the ISPConfig 2 system on port 81.

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    Please check if you have tried to reach the system over the right protocol (https or http). If this is the case please verify that the ISPConfig 2 system started before (with ps aux on the command line, or just restart the ISPConfig 2 system: /etc/rc.d/init.d/ispconfig_server restart (RedHat/Mandrake) respectively /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart (SuSE)). If this still does not work, then most probably your firewall (iptables or ipchains) is blocking port 81.

  • What are Co-Domains?

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    Under "Co-Domains" you can enter subdomains or even total different domains that should point to that web. Example: If you can reach your web by then you could enter the subdomain under "Co-Domains". You could also enter the new domain abc.tld (e.g. with the host www, so that points to your web

  • Is there a logfile in ISPConfig 2?

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    The ISPConfig 2 log is /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/ispconfig.log. The system logs which command was executed in which line in which script and if the command was successful (Status: INFO) or not (Status: WARNING). If you encounter problems with ISPConfig 2 please have a look into the logfile and see if there are warnings. Also have a look into the logfiles under /var/log. If you cannot solve the problems on the basis of the logfiles and want to contact our support by email, please do not forget to send suspicious messages from the logs along with your email.

  • Some services are shown as "Offline" in the ISPConfig though they are running on the server.

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    The ISPConfig checks the status of the services on localhost (IP: It may be that some of your services only allow connections to specific IP addresses and not (in Apache this is done with the Listen directive). If you allow connections to localhost the status will be shown correctly in the ISPConfig. Another possibility is that the affected services do not run on the standard port intended for it.

  • I created a new user. How can I reach his website?

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    If you created a user named testuser for the web, you can reach his personal website or