How To Install A TeamSpeak Server On Ubuntu


This tutorial describes how to set up a TeamSpeak server on an Ubuntu Server system. Teamspeak has the ability to make more than one server by setting different ports for each server. The user that controls all these servers is called the SuperAdmin, he has the ability to make more servers and users with or without their rights.



We’re going to start by installing the server on Ubuntu by entering the following commands.

sudo apt-get install teamspeak-server


Log In

Next up we'll need the passwords to log in onto the TeamSpeak server so we can configure it. TeamSpeak makes a random password for the superadmin and for the admin. This admin is from the standard server that is active from install. Change the directory and open the file with the passwords like in the next example.

cd /etc/teamspeak-server/
nano passwords

Now we've got the passwords of our superadmin and the admin so we can start to log in. If you're doing this howto from a desktop you can skip the following command else you'll need to contact the server from another computer since we've dont got a browser on the server. To connect you'll need the IP of the server. First exit nano (the program we've used for the password file) and then enter the following command.

ctrl + X (to exit nano)
ip addr

Now we're going to type in the following URL in the browser. If you installed TeamSpeak on the computer you're now on and it is a desktop pick the first one; if you're not then pick the second one. computer you're now on
http://[IP address]:14534/ fill in the address from the server

If you did everything correct you'll now have a blue screen in front of you with a login.

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By: jester

Why should anyone use teamspeak after all? It is old, laggy, has a terrible sound quality and is closed source. Try mumble instead.

By: Anonymous

If you can provide a full howto on mumble server for ubuntu, with install, configuration all virtual servers, and acces to web interface :)

 You're welcome ^^


By: kenbo666

You my friend have obviously not try the goodness that is TS3. Please try it before trolling the forums.

By: Anonymous

Hello, I am currently in the process of the server on Teapspeak to install Ubuntu 9:04 am to come in stages,
cd / etc / TeamSpeak server /
nano passwords

then it works but now comes a error:
[Error reading passwords: Premission denied]

What does this mean?

Many thanks already times in advance!

By: Anonymous

You need touse sudo to open the file.


If done this way, then it displays the file contents.

 sudo nano passwords


By: Strovo

Change password and nothing in "password"

see this 

Login failed. back to login page


By: COL 101st Air Papabear


What is being done wrong is the URL the tutorial mentions.  On a brand new Teamspeak Server 2 (RC2) (up to version 2.0.2319 I believe) which is what I downloaded when I used the apt-get install command as root, you MUST login to the Superadmin account and change the default password from what is listed in the passwords file.  You should not do this while in the nano document because Teamspeak 2 Server uses SQL for its database.

The only way I recommend you change the default passwords is using the web interface as the document suggests.  The problem is his URLs are to log in only as the admin account.

The URL for the superadmin account is

http://192.168.0.x:14534/slogin.html  where x is the host number in a private 32bit IP address (located on my LAN internal IP list) depending on the type of private IP network you have. 

The way to find your server's IP in Ubuntu is to type in the command:

~$ ifconfig  (minus the ~$ prompt)  you will be looking for eth0 and in its block of information you can look for its "inet addr" that is its IP address.

I believe the poster of this tutorial was giving information on how to log into the "admin" account NOT the "superadmin" account because I had no problem once I used the URL above.

You should also be able to use the URL he gave above to log into the admin account just make sure to use the corresponding password with the correct username for the correct URL.

Once your logged in I would change the default superadmin and admin passwords from their defaults.  Make sure you write them down accurately and dont loose them becuase you will have to uninstall /reinstall from scratch if you loose superadmin or admin ever.

Good luck.


By: Anonymous


 I have installed teamspeak as described in this howto.

 I am not able to connect to the server on the port 8767. I have checked the server and it listens on the port but refuses any connections. I do not have any FW and I have cleaned the iptables just for sure but still the same problem All the other ports are working fine except for the UDP port.

 Any ideas please?

By: Lucas

I wrote a little script that installs a TS3 server automatically on debian based systems. Hope it is useful to someone :)

By: Bikky

Well all well and good, but what about the bit's before sudo apt-get install TSS????


for someone completeley new.  This is like me telling you how to configure a swich from scratch, but not telling you how to connect the the thing in the first place.

By: Tuumke

This manual is out-dated? apt-get install teamspeak-server doesnt work anymore.