How To Install A TeamSpeak Server On Ubuntu


This tutorial describes how to set up a TeamSpeak server on an Ubuntu Server system. Teamspeak has the ability to make more than one server by setting different ports for each server. The user that controls all these servers is called the SuperAdmin, he has the ability to make more servers and users with or without their rights.



We’re going to start by installing the server on Ubuntu by entering the following commands.

sudo apt-get install teamspeak-server


Log In

Next up we'll need the passwords to log in onto the TeamSpeak server so we can configure it. TeamSpeak makes a random password for the superadmin and for the admin. This admin is from the standard server that is active from install. Change the directory and open the file with the passwords like in the next example.

cd /etc/teamspeak-server/ 
nano passwords

Now we've got the passwords of our superadmin and the admin so we can start to log in. If you're doing this howto from a desktop you can skip the following command else you'll need to contact the server from another computer since we've dont got a browser on the server. To connect you'll need the IP of the server. First exit nano (the program we've used for the password file) and then enter the following command.

ctrl + X (to exit nano) 
ip addr

Now we're going to type in the following URL in the browser. If you installed TeamSpeak on the computer you're now on and it is a desktop pick the first one; if you're not then pick the second one. computer you're now on
http://[IP address]:14534/ fill in the address from the server

If you did everything correct you'll now have a blue screen in front of you with a login.

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