lazarus (free pascal delphi like ide) on ubuntu (amd64)

Download x86-64 (or i386) free pascal binary package from

tar -xvf fpc-2.0.0.x86_64-linux.tar

sudo sh

I have installed it in /opt/fpc and answered Yes/[ENTER] to all questions
If all ok then you can get compiler version this way

/opt/fpc/bin/fpc -i

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.0.0

Compiler Date : 2005/05/15
Compiler CPU Target: x86_64

Supported targets:
Linux for x86-64
FreeBSD for x86-64

Supported CPU instruction sets:

Supported FPU instruction sets:

add /opt/fpt/bin in $PATH

vi ~/.bash_profile


if [ -d /opt/fpc/bin ] ; then

You need to install the development packages of the GTK and pixbuf libraries, so
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
sudo apt-get install libgdk-pixbuf-dev

cd opt
Download lazarus package

tar -zxvf lazarus-0.9.10-0.tar.gz

cd lazarus



It should look like this

sudo apt-get install libgpmg1-dev (needed by fpc console ide) Next download Free Pascal Compiler Source (2.0.2) from
tar -zxvf fpc-2.0.2.source.tar.gz
cd fpc
vi Makefile
and replace this line
INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local with

make build
make install

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