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4 Configure DNS On Our ISPConfig Servers

(The steps from this chapter have to be done on ISPConfig server #1 and #2.)

Before we create DNS records for on our ISPConfig servers, go to Management -> Server -> Settings -> DNS and enter as Default Ns1 and as Default Ns2. You should also specify a valid Admin Email:

5 Create DNS Records For On

(The steps from this chapter have to be done on ISPConfig server #1/

I will refer to ISPConfig server #1 as from now on.

Go to the DNS Manager and click on New Master (remember, will be our primary name server):

Fill in as Title and Domain (SOA) and enter the IP address of (in this example it just so happens that is hosted on, therefore the IP address is, but of course you can use any IP address you like):

The Options tab should look like this (Nameserver 1 must be, and Nameserver 2 must be

Next I create the A record (we have already created by specifying it as Domain (SOA) on the Domain tab, but remember: and are different!):

As Hostname we enter just www, not

Next I create an A record for because I want to use that subdomain as the mail exchanger (MX) in the next step.

Now I create an MX record for the domain Emails for (e.g. [email protected]) should go to, therefore I leave the Hostname empty (as has no hostname) and enter as Mailserver. In rare cases you find email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected]; you would then have to create MX records with www or subdomain as Hostname.

In the overview you should now have three records: two A records (www and mail) and one MX record:

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By: Falko Timme