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Option 2: BitNami LAMPStack and Wordpress

What is BitNami LAMPStack?

BitNami LAMPStack is a free, easy to install package that bundles every piece of software (dependency) necessary to setup a LAMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP for Linux) environment up and running for development or production purposes. It is self-contained, it makes no modifications to your system and can be uninstalled easily. You can download the latest version of BitNami LAMPStack for Linux at A Windows version and an OS X version are also available.

Regardless of which operating system you are running (Windows / Linux / Mac), the install process is the same.


Installing BitNami LAMPStack

Find the installer you just downloaded from the BitNami website (the filename will be similar to Double click the icon to launch the installer.

Lampstack welcome.png

Click "Forward".

Lampstack directory.png

Now it will ask where you want to install the program. Select the location on your machine and click "Forward" when you are done.

Lampstack passwd.png

Type your MySQL root password. This will be the password for the "root" user for the database.

Lampstack ready.png

The installer is now ready to begin the installation process. Click "Forward".

Lampstack installing.png

Wait a minute while the installer copies the files and configures your LAMPStack installation.

Lampstack installed.png

BitNami LAMPStack is now set up and ready to be used. Click "Finish" to launch the application.



Installing Wordpress manually

Now, follow the instructions outlined here.

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