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Afterwards, some files are being copied to the partition...

... before the system gets rebooted:

In fact, it doesn't reboot, but shuts down. Go to View > Details:

Go to the Hardware tab and select Disk hdc (that's the Windows CD drive). Click on the Connect button:

Select ISO Image Location and fill in the path to the Windows XP ISO image (/home/winxp.iso).

Close the Virtual Machine Details window afterwards and then click on the Run button to start the guest again:

After a few moments, the Windows XP installation should continue. Just follow the wizard:

And finally, here's your Windows XP guest:


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By: Nathan Kidd

1. Reason to use

dd if=/dev/zero ...

is because it lets you easily compress the image later if wanted.

2. kvm won't boot a qcow2 image (but you should be able to convert afterward with

qemu-img convert ...