Installing FOG Computer Imaging Solution On Fedora 8


This tutorial will show how to install FOG, a free computer imaging solution on Fedora 8. FOG is an open source replacement for products like Ghost or Zenworks Imaging. FOG can be used to image Windows XP and Vista machines that have a single partition on them. FOG does not use boot disks, instead everything is done via PXE and DHCP. The management of FOG is all done via a web portal. FOG also includes things like memtest, disk wiping, low-level disk checking and file recovery. FOG also includes a service that will do things like change the computer's hostname after imaging, etc. For more information please see the FOG website at

Before you begin, you will need at least two computers, one that will act as the FOG server and a second, which will at as our client. Please understand that this tutorial will have you destroy all data on the hard disks of both computers.


Installing Fedora 8

The first thing to do is download and burn an ISO image of Fedora 8 from

Next boot off the CD / DVD you just created to start the Fedora installation process.

You should see a screen similar to the pictured below, select: Install or Upgrade an existing System and press enter.

You will then be prompted if you would like to test the installation media, choose: Skip and press enter.

Now the graphical portion of the installation will begin. At the welcome screen, press: Next.

Next you will be prompted for the installation language, choose you appropiate language and press: Next.

You will now be asked about disk partitioning. Select Remove all partition on the selected drives and create default layout, then click: Next.

You will now be asked about network addressing, select the network device you would like to use by putting an check in the box next to the device name then, click on the edit button. Assign the network device a IPv4 address with subnet mask and disable IPv6 support, then click OK. Enter a DNS server and gateway address along with a hostname, then click: Next.

Next you will be prompted about you timezone information, select your timezone and click: Next.

The next screen will prompt you to create a root password, enter a password in the textbox and confirm, then press: Next.

The next screen will prompt you to select the software groups you would like to install, uncheck Office and Productivity and then click: Next.

Then on the next screen click Next to start the installation. This step will take some time, so please be patient. When installation is complete, remove all disks from the CD/DVD drive and click reboot to restart the computer.

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