Installing The Adobe Flash Plugin 10 On Ubuntu 8.04 (i386)

Version 1.0
Author: Falko Timme

This tutorial shows how you can install the Adobe Flash plugin 10 on an Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. Although this sounds quite trivial, there are a few problems along the way, especially if Flash 9 is already installed.

I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!


1 Update The System

When I first tried to install Flash 10 on a not up-to-date system, Firefox did not recognize the Flash 10 plugin, although no Flash 9 was installed. I found out that you have to update the system first. Go to System > Administration > Update Manager...

... and click on the Check button to check for available updates:

Type in your password:

If there are updates available, click on Install Updates to install them:

It is possible that the system needs a restart after the update. If you see the blue restart icon in the taskbar, reboot the system:


2 Install Flash 10

Now that the system is up-to-date, visit and select .deb for Ubuntu 8.04+ in the drop-down menu:

Then click on the Agree and install now button:

The Open with GDebi Package Installer (default) option does not seem to work if Flash 9 is currently installed (i.e., Flash 10 installs fine, but Firefox still recognizes it as Flash 9.0 r124, no matter if you restart Firefox, log out and in again, reboot the system, or even remove Flash 9 before installing Flash 10). I found that this problem does not occur if you install Flash 10 from the command line. Therefore we store the Flash 10 .deb package on our hard drive (e.g. on the desktop) by selecting Save File:

After the download has finished, open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal):

First, we remove the Flash 9 plugin (you can skip this step if you are absolutely sure that Flash 9 is not installed):

sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree

Then go to the directory where you've stored the Flash 10 .deb package (e.g. /home/falko/Desktop)...

cd /home/falko/Desktop

... and install Flash 10 as follows:

sudo dpkg -i install_flash_player_10_linux.deb

Now restart Firefox and type


into the address bar. Firefox will then show you a list of all installed plugins, and you should see Flash 10 among them:


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By: Bruno Bernardino

Well, I've tried a few tutorials myself and tried some things on my own... nothing seems to work... weird...

By: Romi

i've tried everything as well... and still doesn't work... worst of it... i don't even have a flash plugin now :/

By: Anonymous

Me too, me neither..

By: Anonymous

Thank you, this worked flawlessly. To the user above, make sure you also update your firefox to 3.x

 One thing I noted was that I just went to 'synaptic manager' and typed in "adobe flash" under search and it brought up the latest version of I installed that and not the one from Adobe site and now everything is working OK for now

By: AzureCerulean

I found a script on

 you can try the instructions there i used the script they provided:

 --- start here ---


# Script  created by
# Romeo-Adrian Cioaba [email protected]
# Super minor updates by jason.melton[at]gmail[dot]com
# Updates by Alejandro Cuervo 3[at]cuervo[dot]net
# Released under GPL

echo "Closing Firefox"
sudo killall -9 firefox

echo "Downloading and instaling Getlibs for required libraries"
sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb

echo "Removing previous installs of flash:"
sudo apt-get remove -y --purge flashplugin-nonfree gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash swfdec-mozilla libflashsupport nspluginwrapper
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f ~/.mozilla/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -rfd /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper

echo "Installing ia32-libs and nspluginwrapper"
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs nspluginwrapper

echo "Getting libs"
sudo getlibs -p libcurl3
sudo getlibs -p libnss3-1d
sudo getlibs -p libnspr4-0d

echo "Installing Flash Player 10"
cd ~
tar zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
sudo cp install_flash_player_10_linux/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
rm -rf ~/install_flash_player_10_linux/
sudo nspluginwrapper -i /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

echo "Linking the libraries so that firefox can see them."
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/ /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/

echo "Done :-)"
echo "You may re-start Firefox now"

--- end here ---


this worked perfectly for me.


you may save and run it as the non root user.




By: Anonymous

Worked great -- thanks for posting this.

By: Anonymous

Thanks for the tutorial.  I had to use Synaptic Package Manager to uninstall the swfdec-mozilla plugin before Firefox would recognize Flash 10.

By: Glauber

After so many hours, that's what worked. I had to go through all the steps in this tutorial but had also to uninstall the swfdec-mozilla plugin.

Thank you very much guys!!

By: Orlando


thanks for thr tip. at the end I need also to remove the firefox plugin and reinstalled it. 


By: Tech Pam

This works great!  I downloaded the "install_flash_player_10_linux.deb" from and saved it to a flash drive.  I ran it from there.  Then in the Terminal I ran the command "sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree".  That removed flash 9.  Finally in the Synaptic Package Mgr I clicked on status/installed/swfdec mozilla plugin and uninstalled it.  I reopened Firefox and it works!  I didn't have to delete 9 before I ran 10.  Go figure!

Thanks for help!


By: Sarvesh

dis isnt workin:( i tried many times but somethind downloadin package manager comes n status doesnt moves :( it says that its not connected to net but i m sure im connected as i can open webpages...plzz help me

By: Anonymous

After installing the adobe plugin from the Ubuntu repositories, the only step needed in this tutorial was removing the flashplugin-nonfree (as the package installed was adobe-flashplugin or something like that). After this it correctly recognized the version of the plugin.

By: Anonymous

This is why Linux will NEVER be a popular OS. There are always scores of pages of instructions and tips. All slightly different. And often NONE of the "fixes" work. I've tried a dozen different methods of fixing Adobe Flash on a clean install of Ubuntu 8.04 and none of them work. I'm throwing out this crap and installing Windows so I can get on with my life.

By: Anonymous

This worked great. My flash is working again after it bonked out on the upgrade to Ubuntu 10.0.

 In addition to the steps above I had to replace an old version of the plugin elsewhere on the system that I had to manually change. Typing in "about:plugins" in firefox as you described helped as it allowed me to see where the old file was located so I could replace it with the new version of the plugin.


By: Anonymous

Hi, Thanks for the tip. I initially installed the the Adobe flash plug in through the package manager but firefox still didn't recognize the upgrade. Your tutorial worked for me!

By: Allen Roberts

I tried this today.  I got tired of the constant notices of plug-in failure, though, I found that refreshing the page often allowed the video to play, it was still becoming quite the hassle. 

 Thanks to you, I have the newest version installed, 10_1_r53. 


Thank you so much.  I am new to Ubuntu, and this was my first major program install through the terminal.  It is not as scary as I thought it would be.  Again, thank you.  

By: Anonymous

Thanks a lot - No need of complicated instructions - it works!!