Importing Outlook Express Emails Into Thunderbird And Evolution - Page 4

6 Evolution - Importing Contacts

To import the address book into Evolution, we must open Thunderbird on our Linux desktop again. Open Thunderbird's address book and go to Tools > Export...:

Select a location to store the exported address book:

Afterwards, you can close Thunderbird.

In Evolution, go to File > Import... again:

The Evolution Import Assistant comes up again:

Choose Import a single file:

Then pick the address book file you've just created with Thunderbird (it should have the extension .ldif):

Select On This Computer > Personal as the import location:

Then click on Import:

The contacts are being imported:

Afterwards, all your Outlook Express contacts should be listed in Evolution:


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By: Adam Stanley

I just wanted to say thanks, and as a total Newbie to Ubuntu, I found your article superb. One area I had difficulty with was installing Thunderbird On Ubuntu, until I realised there was an Add/Remove (synaptic?? )in the Applications menu.

I seperately googled that, and got caught in some moments of awareness as I realised there were command line methods, and utility applications as well as me trying to make the whole thing too hard.

It might improve your article to 100% if you hyperlinked that one sentance to instructions (for the linux repressed) on how to install Thunderbird. It may not improve it either - just a thought I share with respect.

None the less, I am so deeply grateful to you for taking the time to prepare that document - I am now windows free with my accounts running in Crossover on a really old toshiba laptop breathing a new lease of life.

Kind Regards,