Installing Debian Etch From A Windows System With "Debian-Installer Loader" - Page 3

Afterwards, give the root user a password:

Create a normal user account:

Now the base system is being installed:

You can skip the package usage survey by selecting No, but this is up to you:

Next select the software you'd like to install (you should at least choose Standard system):

The required packages are being downloaded installed on the system:

If you see this uswsusp message (Continue without a valid swap partition?), it's ok to select Yes. Swap should be working ok despite this message (at least it is on my system):

If you're installing a desktop system, specify the screen resolutions that you'd like to use and that are supported by your graphics card:

Afterwards, the GRUB boot loader gets installed:

The system installation is now finished. Click on Continue to reboot the system:

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From: at: 2007-09-26 20:43:17

UNetbootin at is essentially the same thing for Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuse, Mandriva, and Archlinux; it allows you to install them without a CD from Windows, and like this installer and unlike Wubi, UNetbootin installs to a real partition not a loopmounted file.

From: at: 2008-05-19 22:14:44

Used this yesterday to install Debian stable from XP Pro.  Went without a hitch. 

We have needed something like this for years.  I used to always install Linux from DOS with loadlin back in the pre-W2K days.  Usually use a USB stick these days, but this is much more convenient.