Creating Snapshot-Backups with FlyBack On Ubuntu 7.10 - Page 3

2.3 Deleting Backups

Backups can simply be deleted using a file browser. On the external hard drive you should find a folder called flyback:

In the flyback folder, you will find all your snapshots:

To delete a snapshot, right-click on it and select Move To Trash:

In FlyBack, you'll still see the backup in the system snapshots window. Click on the Refresh button...

... and the backup is gone:


3 Creating A Menu Entry For FlyBack

If you don't want to start FlyBack form the terminal each time, you can create a menu entry for it. Right-click on Applications and select Edit Menus:

Select System Tools and click on the New Item button:

A Launcher Properties window opens. In the Name field, type in FlyBack, and in the Command field specify something like this:

python /home/falko/flyback/

Please replace /home/falko with your own path! Then click on Close:

Click on Close again to leave the menu settings:

Now you can start FlyBack under Applications > System Tools >FlyBack:


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Hello and Thank You for the instructions,

I am now backing up my workstation and the nice thing is that Flyback automatically exclused folders like /proc or /sys which sometimes can go overlooked!

It is a great program and a new discovery for me.


I was just wondering if I could backup a remote server on another (local) server using Flyback?

I am not sure if I could use IP addresses in the program?(is there a config file where you can manipulate the defaults?)

I have setup certs where I can SSH without login in into either servers and into each other (If that helps)?

Thanks again.

Best Regards;