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5 Create A Backup Of A Partition

You should see a command prompt now. Type in


to start the Ghost4Linux menu:

Accept the Ghost4Linux conditions by hitting Yes:

Then select RAW MODE - ANY filesystem, every bit, local+ftp:

Select Network use - Backup/Restore to/from network because we want to store the backups on our FTP server:

You will see the following menu. The correct ethernet device (eth0) should already be selected under menu item A (Select ethernet device), if not, specify the correct one. If you have a DHCP server in your local network, the Ghost4Linux system should have a working IP address already (see menu item C (Set IP address DHCP) - in this example) - if not, you can specify a static IP address under menu item B (Set IP address).

Next go to menu item D (Set IP for FTP server):

Specify the IP address of your FTP server ( in this tutorial):

Then go to E - Set useridpass option:

Type in your FTP username and password in the form -u username -p password or username:password, e.g. -u exampleuser -p howtoforge:

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